By now me and her have a really close friendship….

I would still go to her house and have late nights there….

We would mostly talk and I was fine with that….

It was so easy to talk to her and we both just understood each other so well….

I just really liked being around her….

You made me feel really comfortable….

Then there was that night when we were talking….

About this mutual friend we both knew….

You told me you were talking to him….

About how good of a person he was….

I slowly started to grasp the idea of where you were going with this….

I don’t know why I got so upset….

We weren’t in a relationship together or ever said anything about it….

We were just friends but I think I always saw more than that….

I know I shouldn’t have but I started to distance myself from you….

I don’t think I should have but I was just really confused….

What were we the whole time….

Was I just the one thinking about it or were you just using me the whole time….

Why would you have me stay at your house so late at night….

Why did we share so many deep stories about each other….

Why didn’t you just make it clear from the beginning that this was just gonna nothing more than friends….

Maybe I should have made my intentions more clear instead of assuming more….

I don’t normally get this upset in these situations….

But it was because I really liked you that’s why it mattered so much to me….

I slowly moved further away from you and you noticed….

We wouldn’t talk as much as before….

I would avoid talking to you even though I wanted to….

You started raise concerns wondering what happened….

I never answered that question and I ended up being rude to you….

I would ignore you and talk as little as I could with you….

That wasn’t normal because we talked so much so that raised even more flags….

I let my actions make the situation so bad that we ended up on bad terms….

We no longer talked to each other even in public….

I ruined a really good friendship because of my jealousy….

You never deserved any of that and I wish I had done better….