I remember studying for a final that I didn’t know much about and you over heard me talking to my friend about it….

You were studying for the same final as us….

I noticed you behind us but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say to you….

Instead of studying I spent my time thinking about how to approach you and then it happened….

You ended up saying the first thing….

You asked us if we were studying for the same final and my friend answered —“yes” before I could….

We ended up talking about other things related to school and other classes we were planning on taking….

Coincidentally we needed to take the same class….

I quickly signed up to be in that exact class and then we never saw each other until the next semester….

At first we were just taking the class together and that’s all it was….

We would only talk during class but I would ask you questions so I could talk to you….

We would study for the tests together at the school….

Then you invited me over one night and asked me to come study at your house instead of going to the university….

I remember the first time I came over and I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect….

I wasn’t sure if we were going to study or not….

I went in with the intentions of just studying but we barely did that….

We spent most of the time just talking and next thing you know it’s 2am and I had class in the morning….

I didn’t even feel tired….

I was actually more awake then I usually would be at 2am….

Normally I would be eager to leave and go sleep but I was happy to be there with you just talking….

Once we both realized what time it was we decided to call it a night….

I left after barely studying so I was up till 4am studying at home….

That wasn’t the only class we took together….

We were in 4 more classes….

With every class we took together we grew closer and closer….

The more closer we got the more confused I got….

What was it that we had….

I know we weren’t in a relationship….

But we shared a lot between each other….

More than I did with any of my other close friends….

We would spend a lot of nights at her house trying to study….

I would stay very late sometimes….

The latest I was there till was 4am….