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Back when we were in the house of angels, that’s when I should have known

In there rested the angels but they left and thats when I should have left too

Even though this wasn’t the first time, I still acted naive because maybe it could have been different this time

I went all the way and thought I finally found my calling

I’ve never put this much soul into something like this before but you assured me

The assurance was this would be something bigger

I believed it just like I did every other time

I keep asking myself why I get into these situations in the first place

I just like to think that not everyone is the same

Spent a whole summer talking about the future together

That future was clearly only for you and I was just there to advise you

Was it something I did during that time?

I thought I was becoming a asset to help you succeed

Instead, that glow I put on you left me stranded in the shadow

Just like before, it was nothing but wasted times. I should have known from the beginning.